National Framework for Marine Spatial Planning in South Africa

1 Jun 2017 - 15:45
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The purpose of the  National Framework for Marine Spatial Planning in South Africa "is to provide the framework for Marine Spatial Planning in South Africa’s ocean space. It provides high-level direction for undertaking Marine Spatial Planning in the context of the South African legislation and policies as well as existing planning regimes. It describes the process for the preparation of Marine Area plans and their implementation, in order to ensure consistency in Marine Spatial Planning across the South African ocean space.

The framework will facilitate the development, implementation, monitoring and revision of Marine Area plans. Through this Marine Spatial Planning system, the sustainable development of South Africa’s ocean space will be enabled. Marine Spatial Planning will provide the following benefits for the South African nation: • Facilitate the unlocking of the ocean economy and sustainable ocean economic development; • Enhance the achievement of societal benefits and strengthen the level of society’s interaction with the ocean; • Promote a healthy marine environment and the sustainable use of marine resources; and • Contribute to good ocean governance; • The framework is aimed at guiding the national regulatory authorities as the responsible entities for Marine Area plan preparation and implementation in South Africa."