Draft Green Transport Strategy: (2017-2050)

18 Sep 2017 - 16:15
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"To address the significant contribution of transport to national GHG emissions, the Department of Transport (DoT) has undertaken to develop a Green Transport Strategy (GTS) which aims to minimise the adverse impact of transport on the environment while addressing current and future transport demands based on sustainable development principles. The strategy will promote green mobility to ensure that the transport sector supports the achievement of green economic growth targets, and protecting the environment." The Department has published the Draft Green Transport Strategy: (2017-2050)  for comment. 

"The objectives of the GTS include: 1. Enabling the transport sector to contribute its fair share to the national effort to combat climate change in a balanced fashion, taking into account the DoT and the sector's primary responsibility of promoting the development of the efficient integrated transport systems to enable socio- economic development, 2. Promoting sustainable and cleaner mobility development; and 3. Engaging the low carbon transition of the sector, to assist with the aligning and developing policies which promote energy efficient and less carbon intensive mobility. 4. Facilitate the sector's just transition to a climate resilient and low carbon economy and society."