New Publications, November 2016

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Acholi (African people) -- Mental health -- Uganda. G 6761 E.UN.11.MENT Deleu, Marijke, author.    Mental health and peacebuilding in Acholiland :   to love and to work : local understanding of post-conflict mental health needs /    Kampala, Uganda :   United Nations Uganda,   2011.
Africa -- Population -- Information services. G 6762 E.UNFP.08.POPE Pop-ed :   UNFPA graphic narrative series.    Nairobi :   Prepared on behalf of United Nations Population Fund, Kenya Country Office by Communicating Artists Ltd.,   [2000?]-
Africa, East -- Emigration and immigration. G 6762 E.RMMS.14.BLIN Frouws, Bram, author.    Behind bars :   the detention of migrants in and from the East & Horn of Africa /    Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya :   Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS),   February 2015.
Agriculture - Economic aspects - Uganda G 6761 A.AGRI Agricultural finance yearbook, 2015.    Kampala :   Bank of Uganda, Research Department
Agriculture -- Kenya. G 6762 E.UNDP.13.MAIN Agro-Pastoral Project Kenya, author.    Mainstreaming sustainable land management (SLM) in agro-pastoral production systems of Kenya /    [Nairobi?] :   United Nations Development Programme,   2013.
Agriculture -- Research -- Africa, Sub-Saharan. G 667 E.FARA.14.REPO Report celebrating FARA :   renewing, repositioning and refocusing : delivering Africa's future through science-led agricultural transformation /    Accra, Ghana :   Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, [2014?]
Agriculture -- Research -- Africa. G 667 E.FARA.14.SCIE Science agenda for agriculture in Africa :   "connecting science" to transform agriculture in Africa.    Accra, Ghana :   FARA Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa,   2014.
AIDS (Disease) -- Government policy -- Uganda. G 6761 E.HEAL.11.UGAN Uganda national HIV and AIDS policy, 2011.    Kampala, Uganda :   Uganda AIDS Commission,   [2011?]
AIDS (Disease) -- Government policy -- Uganda. G 6761 E.HEAL.11.NATI National HIV & AIDS Strategic Plan :   2011/12 - 2014/15 /    Kampala, Uganda :   Uganda AIDS Commission,   [2011].
AIDS (Disease) -- Kenya -- Statistics. G 6762 A.AIDS.14.KENY Kenya. Ministry of Health, issuing body.    Kenya HIV estimates, 2014 /    Nairobi :   National AIDS Control Council,   2014.
AIDS (Disease) -- Namibia. G 688 E.HEAL.11.GUID System for Programme Monitoring (SPM) :   guidelines for implementers regarding routine data management for non-health facility-based HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria programmes /    Windhoek, Namibia :   Directorate of Special Programmes, Division Expanded National HIV and AIDS Coordination,   [2011]
Air traffic control -- South Africa. G 68 E.TRAN.15.CORP ATNS Company, issuing body.    Corporate plan, 2015/16-2017/18 /    [Bruma, South Africa] :   Air Traffic and Navigation Services Soc Limited,   2015.
City planning -- Study and teaching -- Kenya -- Congresses. G 494 E.UNHA.14.UNHA Kenya Chapter Consultations Workshop (2013 : author.    UN-Habitat and Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS) :   Kenya Chapter Consultations : proceedings of the workshop, 23-24 September 2013, Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi.    Nairobi, Kenya :   United Nations Human Settlements Programme,   2014.
Civil service -- Uganda -- Public opinion. G 6761 E.PLAN.15.CITI Citizens' survey on Uganda vision 2040 :   Uganda's vision : "a transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years."    Kampala, Uganda :   Uganda National NGO Forum,   May 2015
Coalition governments -- Lesotho. G 6871 ETS.COAL.15.COAL The Coalition Agreement for Stability and Reform :   Lesotho's Second Coalition Government Agreement.    [Lesotho] :   [publisher not identified],   2015.
Coastal zone management -- South Africa -- Western Cape. G PWC E.ENVI.16.WEST Western Cape (South Africa). Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, issuing body.    Western Cape Coastal Management Programme, 2016 /    Cape Town :   Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning,   2016.
Costs, Industrial -- Zambia. G 6894 E.DEVE.13.COST Zambia Development Agency, issuing body.    Cost of doing business in Zambia /    [Zambia] :   Zambia Development Agency,   January 2013
CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment (Organization) G 68 E.ENVI.12.CSIR CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment (Organization), issuing body.    CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment :   impact strategy.    Stellenbosch :   CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment,   October 2012.
Debts, Public - Malawi - Statistics G 6897 ED.FINA.DEBT.REVI Malawi.    Annual review of the public debt portfolio 2013/2014.    Lilongwe, Malawi :   Debt and Aid Division, Ministry of Finance
Distance education - Lesotho G 6871 ES.LDTC Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre.    Annual report, 2012/2013.    [Maseru] :   Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre
Economic development -- Environmental aspects -- Africa. G 494 E.UNEP.15.BUIL United Nations Environment Programme issuing body.    Building inclusive green economies in Africa :   experience and lessons learned, 2010-2015 /    Nairobi, Kenya :   United Nations Environment Programme,   [2015]
Economic development -- Environmental aspects -- Egypt. G 494 E.UNEP.14.GREE United Nations Environment Programme issuing body.    Green economy scoping study :   Egypt /    Nairobi, Kenya :   United Nations Environment Programme,   November 2014.
Economic development -- Rwanda. G 6757 E.UNDA.12.UNDA UNDAF 2008-2012, Rwanda.    Kigali, Rwanda :   United Nations Rwanda,   [2012]
Education - Swaziland - Statistics G 6872 A.EDUC Annual education census (AEC) report, 2013.    [Mbabane] :   Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), Ministry of Education and Training
Education -- Zimbabwe -- Statistics. G 6891 A.EDUC.14.EDUC Education report, 2013 /    Harare :   Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency,   October 2014.
Electric utilities - Lesotho G 6871 ES.ELEC.AUTH Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority, author, issuing body.    Annual report, 2013/14    Maseru :   Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority,
Electric utilities - Zimbabwe G 6891 ES.ELEC Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority.    Annual report and accounts for the year ended 30th June 2014.    Harare :   The Authority,
Emigrant remittances - Uganda G 6761 A.BANK.REMI Inward personal transfers, 2013.    [Kampala] :   Bank of Uganda.
Energy policy - Tanzania G 678 ES.EWUR Tanzania. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority, author, issuing body.    Annual report, 2014/2015.    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :   Energy and WaterUtilities Regulatory Authority
Energy policy - Zimbabwe G 6891 ES.ENER Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, issuing body.    Annual report, 2014.    Harare, Zimbabwe :   Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority
Enterprise zones - South Afica - Saldanha Bay G 68 ES.SALD Saldanha Bay IDZ Licencing Company, issuing body.    Annual report, 2014/15    Saldanha Bay, South Africa :   Saldanha Bay IDZ Licencing Company (SOC) Ltd
Ethiopians -- Yemen (Republic) G 6762 E.RMMS.12.DESP Dansk flygtningehjælp. Regional Office for the Horn of Africa & Yemen, author.    Desperate choices :   conditions, risks & protection failures affecting Ethiopian migrants in Yemen /    Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya :   Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat,   [2012]
Finance, Public -- Uganda. G 6761 E.FINA.15.ABSO Uganda. Economic Development Policy and Research Department, issuing body.    Absorptive capacity constraints :   improving the reliability and efficiency of government resource flows and transactions /    Kampala :   Economic Development Policy and Research Department, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development,   March 2015.
Forest management -- Climatic factors. G 6762 E.WAC.15.CLIM Climate-smart landscapes :   multifunctionality in practice /    Nairobi :   World Agroforestry Centre,   [2015]
Gas industry - Ghana G 667 ED.GHEI.OILA GHEITI report on the oil and gas sector, 2012 an 2013.    Accra, Ghana :   Republic of Ghana, Ministry of Finance ; Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Geology -- Namibia -- Meob Bay -- Maps. GZM 688 E.GEOL.12.MEOB Richards, D. L., cartographer.    Geological map of Namibia :   1:250 000 geological series.    Windhoek [Namibia] :   Geological Survey of Namibia,   [2012].
Geology -- Namibia -- Opuwo -- Maps. GZM 688 E.GEOL.12.OPUW Schreiber, U. M., compiler, cartographer.    Geological map of Namibia :   1:250 000 geological series.    Windhoek [Namibia] :   Geological Survey of Namibia,   2012.
Ghana -- Economic policy. G 667 E.PLAN.15.TWOT National Development Planning Commission (Ghana), issuing body.    2015 Ghana millennium development goals report /    [Ghana] :   [National Denelopment Planning Commission],   September 2015.
Great Britain -- Emigration and immigration -- Government policy. G 42 ESC.HOME.15.IMMI Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Home Affairs Committee, issuing body.    Immigration :   skill shortages : fifth report of session 2015-16 : report, together with formal minutes relating to the report /    [London] :   [Stationery Office],   [2015]
Greenhouse gas mitigation. G 6762 E.WAC.13.TOWA Towards a landscape approach for reducing emissions :   a substantive report of the Reducing Emissions from all Land Uses (REALU) Project /    Nairobi, Kenya :   ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins,   2013.
Hazard mitigation -- Kenya. GO 6762 E.UNDP.14.JOUR Journey to resilience :   disaster risk reduction projects in Kenya.    Nairobi, Kenya :   UNDP Kenya,   [2014?]
HIV infections -- Law and legislation -- Africa -- Congresses. G 6762 E.JUDI.13.JUDI Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law (2013 :    Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rghts and the Law, 28th-31st October 2013, Nairobi.    [Kenya] :   JTI,   [2013?]
Housing - Kenya - Statistics G 6762 A.HOUS Kenya national housing survey :   basic report, 2012/2013.    Nairobi, Kenya :   Kenya National Bureau of Statistics ; Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development.
Indigenous peoples -- Namibia. G 494 E.UNHU.13.REPO Anaya, S. James, author.    Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples in Namibia 2013 /    [Geneva] :   United Nations, General Assembly, Human Rights Council,   2013.
Industrial hygiene -- Government policy -- Namibia. G 688 E.HEAL.06.NATI National occupational health policy.    Windhoek :   Occupational Health Services, Public & Environmental Health Services, Pprimary [sic] Hleath [sic] Care Services,   [2006]
Industrial productivity -- Kenya. G 6762 A.CPI.13.BASI Basic report on the 2010 Census of Industrial Production (CIP) /    Nairobi, Kenya :   Kenya National Bureau of Statistics,   February 2013.
Information technology - Uganda G 6761 ED.FINA.ICTS Uganda. Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, issuing body.    ICT sector annual monitoring report, 2013/14.    Kampala :   Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
Internal security -- Uganda. G 6761 A.GOVE.14.GOVE Governance peace and security report 2014 /    Kampala :   Uganda Bureau of Statistics,   December 2014.
Investments - Uganda G 6761 A.INVE Private sector investment survey 2014 report.    [Kampala] :   Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Investments - Zimbabwe G 6891 ES.INVE Zimbabwe Investment Authority, issuing body.    Annual report, 2014.    Harare, Zimbabwe :   Zimbabwe Investment Authority
Job creation - Uganda G 6761 ED.BUDG Background to the Budget iscal year 2016/17: enhanced productivity for job creation
Job creation - Uganda G 6761 ED.BUDG Budget speech financial year 2016/17: theme: enhanced productivity for job creation
Kenya -- Appropriations and expenditures. G 6762 E.CONS.12.FIFT 50 things every Kenyan needs to know about public finance under the Constitution /    Nairobi :   Commission for the Implemention of the Constitution :   International Budget Partnership (IBP),   [2012?]
Kenya -- Economic conditions -- 1963- -- Congresses. G 6762 E.CRAL.13.PRES Cheserem, Micah, 1948- author.    Presentation to the Association of County Governments, Cities, Municipalities and Towns of Kenya (ACGOK) national conference on "The role of county assemblies in turning our devolution dreams into reality" on 11th September 2013 /    Nairobi :   Commission on Revenue Allocation,   [2013?].
Kenya. Government Advertising Agency -- Planning. G 6762 E.INFO.14.GOVE Kenya. Government Advertising Agency, issuing body.    Government Advertising Agency (GAA) :   strategic plan /    [Nairobi] :   Government Advertising Agency,   [2014].
Kenya. Transition Authority. G 6762 E.AUTH.13.MECH Kenya. Transition Authority, author, issuing body.    Mechanisms and criteria for transfer of assets and liabilities of government and other public entities.    Nairobi :   Transition Authority,   [2013?]
Labor market -- Somaliland (Secessionist government, 1991- ) G 494 E.ILO.12.DECE International Labour Organisation issuing body.    Decent work programme :   Somalia (southern Somalia and Puntland), 2012-2015 /    [Nairobi] :   International Labour Organization,   [2012?]
Labor supply -- Ghana. G 667 A.LIVI.14.LABO Ghana living standards survey round 6 (GLSS 6).    Accra :   Ghana Statistical Service,   August 2014.
Land degradation -- Control -- Government policy -- Uganda. G 6761 E.AGRI.14.UGAN Uganda strategic investment framework for sustainable land management, 2010-2020.    Kampala, Uganda :   Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries,   2010.
Land tenure - Lesotho G 6871 ED.LAND.ADMI Lesotho. Land Administration Authority, author, issuing body.    Annual report, 2012/2013.    Maseru, Lesotho :   Land Administration Authority
Manpower policy -- Uganda. G 6761 E.LABO.11.NATI Uganda. Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, issuing body.    The national employment policy for Uganda :   increasing decent employment opportunities and labour productivity for socio-economic transformation /    Kampala :   Republic of Uganda, Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development,   April 2011.
Maternal and infant welfare -- Somalia. G 6773 E.UNIC.12.CHIL Voices from the Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme, 2012-2016.    [Nairobi] :   JHNP, UNICEF Somalia Support Centre,   [2013?].
Maternal health services -- Swaziland. G 6872 E.UNDP.14.SWAZ Swaziland MDG acceleration framework :   country action plan for accelerating progress towards improving maternal health.    [Swaziland] :   Government of Swaziland,   [2014]
Medical personnel -- Employment -- Swaziland. G 6872 E.PARL.14.REPO Swaziland. Parliament. House of Assembly. Select Committee Probing the Exodus of Doctors in Swaziland.    Report of the Select Committee Probing the Exodus of Doctors in Swaziland.    [Mbabane] :   Parliament of the Kingdom of Swaziland, House of Assembly   2014.
Millennium Development Goals. G 678 E.PLAN.14.MAPP Mapping rural ICT adoption, knowledge management, ecosystems and livelihoods in the context of MDG acceleration framework (MAF) pilot projects (summary of the 4 reports) /    Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania :   Economic and Social Research Foundation,   2014.
Mine water -- Environmental aspects -- South Africa. G 68 JWRC TT 628/15 Pulles, W., author.    Development of risk criteria for water management aspects of mine closure :   guidance for the mining industry for the management of post-closure water management risks over the full life-cycle of a mining operation /    [Gezina, South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   April 2015.
Mineral industries - Statistics G 494 A.MINI World statistics on mining and utilities, 2016   Vienna, Austria :   UNIDO
Mineral industries - Zambia G 6894 ED.GEOL.ZEIT Zambia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, author.    Reconciliation report for the year, 2013    Lusaka, Zambia :   Zambia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Geological Survey Department
Monetary policy - South Africa G 68 ES.SARB.MONE South African Reserve Bank.    Monetary policy review, October 2016   Pretoria :   South African Reserve Bank
National health services -- Kenya. G 6762 E.HEAL.14.POLI Mbote, David Kuria, author.    Policy analysis and advocacy decision model for services for key populations in Kenya /    Nairobi, Kenya :   Ministry of Health,   November 2014.
Natural resources -- Botswana -- Management. G 6873 E.ENVI.13.COMM Mbaiwa, J. E. (Joseph E.), author.    Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Botswana :   CBNRM status report of 2011-2012 /    Gaborone, Botswana :   National CBNRM Forum Secretariat, Kalahari Conservation Society,   [2013?]
Natural resources -- Management -- Congresses. G 6873 E.ENVI.12.CONS CBNRM Bi-annual Conference (6th : 2012 :    Consolidating community-based natural resources management through effective stakeholder engagement :   proceedings of the Sixth CBNRM Bi-annual Conference, Maharaja Conference Centre, Gaborone, Botswana, 20th-22nd March 2012 /    Gaborone :   Botswana CBNRM National Forum,   2012
Occupations -- Environmental aspects. G 494 E.ILO.13.AREY Harsdorff, Marek, author.    Are you in search of a green biz idea? :   a resource guide /    Geneva :   International Labour Organization,   January 2013.
Offenses against the environment. G 494 E.UNEP.14.ENVI The environmental crime crisis :   threats to sustainable development from illegal exploitation and trade in wildlife and forest resources /    Nairobi, Kenya :   United Nations Environment Programme ;   Arendal, Norway :   GRID--Arendal,   2014.
Peace-building -- South Sudan. G 6762 E.IPST.14.ROLE Malinowski, Radoslaw Lukasz, author.    Role of the civil society in peace support operations in south Sudan and Somalia :   the component of peacebuilding /    Karen, Kenya :   International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC),   2014.
Petroleum industry and trade - Ghana G 667 ED.GHEI.OILA GHEITI report on the oil and gas sector, 2012 and 2013.    Accra, Ghana :   Republic of Ghana, Ministry of Finance ; Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Poverty -- Uganda. G 6761 E.PRIM.07.TWOT Uganda. Office of the Prime Minister, issuing body.    The 2006 annual PEAP implementation review :   main report /    Kampala, Uganda :   Office of the Prime Minister,   October 2007.
Public health - Zimbabwe - Statistics G 6891 A.HEAL Zimbabwe national health profile, 2013.    [Harare, Zimbabwe] :   Ministry of Health & Child Welfare, Epidemiology & Disease Control, National Health Information & Surveillance Unit
Public welfare -- Swaziland. G 6872 E.UNIC.12.STRE UNICEF Swaziland issuing body.    Strengthening social welfare systems in Swaziland /    Mbabane :   UNICEF Swaziland,   2012.
Public health -- Kenya -- Finance. G 73 E.WB.14.LAYI Kiringai, Jane, author.    Laying the foundation for a robust health care system in Kenya.    Washington, D.C. ;   Nairobi, Kenya :   World Bank,   December 2014.
Reproductive health -- Kenya -- Evaluation. G 6762 E.POPU.14.GOKU National Council for Population and Development (Kenya : 2012), issuing body.    GOK-UNFPA 8th Country Programme, (2014-2018) :   needs assessment    Nairobi :   United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),   2014.
Roads - Uganda - Finance G 6761 ES.ROAD.PLAN Uganda Road Fund, author.    The plan :   the 2014/15 performance statement, one year road maintenance plan & expenditure programme /    Kampala, Uganda :   Ministry of Works and Transport
Roads -- Uganda. G 6761 E.FINA.15.ROAD Uganda. Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, author, issuing body.    Roads sector monitoring report of selected national roads construction/rehabilitation projects /    Kampala, Uganda :   Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development,   January 2015.
Rural development - Developing countries G 494 ED.UNCT.LDC 2015 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The least developed countries report, 2015 : transforming rural economies. Geneva : UNCTAD, 2015.
Rwanda Revenue Authority -- Evaluation. G 6757 E.REVE.13.SERV Rwanda Revenue Authority, issuing body.    Service charter /    [Kigali] :   Rwanda Revenue Authority,   2013.
Seed technology -- Kenya.  G 6762 E.WAC.12.FALL Pye-Smith, Charlie, 1951-    Falling by the wayside :   improving the availability of high-quality tree seeds and seedlings would benefit hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers /    Nairobi, Kenya :   World Agroforestry Centre,   2012.
Sewage disposal plants -- South Africa. G 68 JWRC TT 627/15 Jacobs, H. E. (Heinz Erasmus), author.    Understanding sewage pump stations :   development of a SEWPUMP tool : report to the Water Research Commission /    Gezina, South Africa :   Water Research Commission,   April 2015
Social indicators -- Malawi. G 6897 A.STAT.14.MALA Malawi :   MDG endline survey, 2014 : key findings.    Zomba, Malawi :   National Statistical Office,   September, 2014.
Social indicators -- Zambia. G 6894 A.SOCI.14.SELE Selected socio-economic indicators, 2013.    Lusaka, Zambia :   Central Statistical Office, Dissemination Office,   [2014?]
Swaziland Electricity Company. G 6872 E.ENER.13.CELE Swaziland Electricity Company, author, issuing body.    Celebrating 50 years of spreading light, 1963-2013 /    Mbabane, Swaziland :   Swaziland Electricity Company,   2013.
Syria -- History -- Civil War, 2011- -- Refugees. G 42 ESC.INTE.15.SYRI Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. International Development Committee, issuing body.    Syrian refugee crisis :   first report of session 2015-16 : report, together with formal minutes relating to the report /    London :   The Stationery Office,   2015.
Tanzania -- Population -- Statistics. G 678 A.POPU.13.TWOT 2012 population and housing census /    Dar es Salaam :   National Bureau of Statistics,   2013-
Transportation, Automotive -- South Africa. G 68 E.TRAN.15.STRA South Africa. Cross-Border Road Transport Agency, issuing body.    Strategic plan, 2015-2020 /    [Pretoria] :   Cross-Border Road Transport Agency,   [2015]
Tuberculosis -- Government policy -- Namibia. G 688 E.HEAL.10.SECO National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (Namibia), issuing body.    Second medium term strategic plan for tuberculosis and leprosy (2010-2015) /    Windhoek, Namibia :   Ministry of Health and Social Services, Directorate: Special Programmes,   [2010].
Uganda -- Economic policy. G 494 E.UNGA.14.OFFI Official report, the Republic of Uganda :   energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism /    London :   FIRST,   2014.
Uganda -- Population. G 6761 E.ECON.13.STAT Uganda. Population Secretariat, author, issuing body.    The State of Uganda population report 2013 :   theme: population and social transformation : addressing the needs of special interest groups /    Kampala :   Population Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development,   [2013?]
United Nations Rwanda. G 6757 E.UN.14.RWAN Rwanda United Nations Development Assistance Plan 2013-2018 :   Of the One UN in Rwanda with the Government of the Republic of Rwanda, signed: 24 July 2013.    [Kigali, Rwanda] :   United Nations Rwanda, Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator,   [2014]
Urban agriculture -- Senegal. G 494 E.UNEP.14.BUIL Sy, Moussa, author.    Building urban resilience :   assessing urban and peri-urban agriculture in Dakar, Senegal /    Nairobi, Kenya :   UNEP,   2014.
Urban sanitation -- Developing countries. G 73 E.WB.13.TARG Hawkins, Peter author.    Targeting the urban poor and improving services in small towns :   poor-inclusive urban sanitation : an overview /    Washington, DC :   Water and Sanitation Program,   2013.
Urbanization -- Statistics. GZW 494 E.UNDE.12.URBA Urban agglomerations, 2011.    New York :   United Nations, Dept. of Economic and Social Development, Population Division,   2012.
Vocational qualifications -- South Africa. G 68 E.EDUC.15.POLI South African Qualifications Authority, issuing body.    Policy and criteria for the registration of qualifications and part-qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework /    Waterkloof, South Africa :   South African Qualifications Authority,   March 2013
Water harvesting -- South Africa. G 68 JWRC TT 632/15 Olivier, J. (Jana), 1945- author.    Optimising fog water harvesting in South Africa /    Gezina [South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   July 2015.
Water utilities - Lesotho G 6871 ES.ELEC.AUTH Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority, author, issuing body.    Annual report, 2013/14    Maseru :   Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority,
Water utilities - Swaziland G 6872 ES.WATE Swaziland Water Services Corporation.    Annual report, 2014.    Ezulwini [Swaziland] :   Swaziland Water Services Corporation
Water utilities - Tanzania G 678 ES.EWUR Tanzania. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority, author, issuing body.    Annual report, 2014/2015.    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :   Energy and WaterUtilities Regulatory Authority
Water -- Purification -- South Africa. G 68 JWRC TT 651/15 South Africa. Water Research Commission. issuing body.    Wastewater treatment technologies :   a basic guide /    Gezina [South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   [2016]
Women - Violence against - Uganda G 6761 ED.UNJO.GEND Joint UN Programme on Gender Based Violence, author.    UN Joint Programme on Gender Based Violence, Uganda :   annual programme narrative progress report : reporting period, 2013.  [Uganda] :   United Nations Uganda
Women -- Violence against -- Swaziland -- Congresses. G 6872 E.GEND.15.ONEV National Conference on Violence in Swaziland - Collective Effort: One Voice (2015 :    One Voice :   Collective Effort: National Conference on Violence in Swaziland: Summary Report & Recommendations.    [Swaziland] :   [Swaziland, Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Department of Gender and Family Issues],   [2015].
World Health Organization. G 6872 E.HEAL.15.WHOC WHO country cooperation strategy, 2014-2019 :   Swaziland /    [Brazzaville] :   World Health Organization, Regional Office for Africa,   [2015]