New Publications, March 2016


African Union. Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture.

African Union. Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, author.    Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture strategic and operational plan 2014-2017 :   fostering the African agenda on agricultural growth and transformation and sound environmental management.    Addis Ababa, Ethopia :   Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission,   2014.

G 63 E.AU.14.DEPA


Agricultural development projects -- Africa

African Union issuing body.    Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation for Shared Prosperity and Improved Livelihoods /    Addis Ababa :   African Union,   [2014].


Agriculture – Uganda - Statistics

Agricultural sector :   gender statistics profile /    Kampala :   Uganda Bureau of Statistics,   November 2012.

G 6761 A.AGRI.12.AGRI

Budget – Social aspects  - Uganda – Pallisa District

Gender budget audit for education, health and agriculture :   Pallisa District /    Kampala :   Forum for Women in Democracy,   [2012]

G 6761 E.FOWO.12.GEND

Child labor - Kenya

Tackling child labour through education (TACKLE) Kenya :   a documentation of good practices.    Nairobi, Kenya :   ILO Kenya,   2013.

G 6762 E.LABO.13.TACK

Children – Kenya – Social conditions

Situation analysis of children and adolescents in Kenya :   "our children, our future".    [Nairobi?] :   Unicef :   Republic of Kenya,   2014.

G 6762 E.UNIC.14.SITU

Children – Swaziland – Pictorial works

A window of hope :   a photographic essay /    [Mbabane] :   USAID :   UNICEF,   [2014?]

G 6872 E.UNIC.14.WIND

Civil service reform - Ghana

Innovations and best practices in public sector reforms :   the case of civil service in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.    [Addis Ababa] :   Economic Commission for Africa,   [2010]

G 494 E.UNEC.10.INNO

Cultural pluralism - Kenya

Kenya. National Cohesion and Integration Commission, issuing body.    The status of social cohesion in Kenya 2013 /    Nairobi :   National Cohesion and Integration Commission,   [2014]

G 6762 E.NCIC.14.STAT

Ecology – Africa, Central – 21st century

United Nations. Economic Commission for Africa. Sub-Regional Office for Central Africa, issuing body.    The economies of Central Africa, 2013 :   stakes and challenges of a green economy in Central Africa /    [Yaounde, Cameroon] :   United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Sub-Regional Office for Central Africa,   [2013]

G 494 E.UNEC.13.ECON

Economic development – Africa – 21st century

Innovative financing for the economic transformation of Africa /    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia :   United Nations Economic Commission for Africa,   March 2015.

G 494 E.UNEC.15.INNO

Education – South Africa

South African Information Service, issuing body.    Education :   for more and more Bantu.    [South Africa] :   [publisher not identified],   1961.


Elections – Africa

African Union. Commission, issuing body.    African Union :   election observation manual /    Addis Ababa, Ehiopia :   African Union Commission,   [2013]

G 63 E.AU.13.AFRI

Ethiopia. Yaezb tawakāyoč meker bét -- Elections, 2010

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia :   the fourth General Elections to the House of Peoples Representatives and state councils, 23 May 2010 : report on final monitoring and observation /    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia :   Ethiopian Human Rights Commission,   2011.


Exports - Rwanda

National cross-border trade strategy 2012-2017 :   a comprehensive strategy to support Rwanda's exports to neighbouring countries.    [Kigali] :   Republic of Rwanda, Ministry of Trade and Industry,   October 2012.

G 6757 E.TRAD.12.NATI

Folk literature, Ethiopic

Your story, my story, is our story :   collection of true stories /    [Addis Ababa] :   UNFPA,   [2008]

G 494 E.UNFP.11.YOUR

Freedom Park (South Africa)

A heritage site for reconciliation, humanity and freedom in South Africa /    [Pretoria :   Freedom Park Trust,   2004].


Gender identity in mass media

Namibia. Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, issuing body.    Namibian national gender monitoring toolkit for media watch /    [Windhoek, Namibia] :   Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare,   2012.

G 688 E.GEND.12.NAMI

Guinea-Bssau – Population -- Statistics

Guinea-Bissau, author.    Recenseamento geral da população e habitação Guiné-Bissau :   relatório síntese do RGPH 2009 : III RGPH/2009 /    [Bissau] :   INE Guiné-Bissau,   [2010?]

G 6657 A.POPU.10.RECE

HIV infections – Government policy - Uganda

Mid-term review report of the national HIV/AIDS strategic plan 2011/12-2014/15 /    Kampala, Uganda :   Uganda AIDS Commission :   Uganda HIV/AIDS Partnership,   [2014]

G 6761 E.HEAL.14.MIDT


Land reform – Gambia

Gambia, issuing body.    Government white paper on the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Land Allocation in The Gambia    [Banjul, The Gambia] :   [Republic of The Gambia],   [2014]

G 6651 E.PRES.14.GOVE

Land reform –- South Africa -– Northern Cape

South Africa. Department of Land Affairs, issuing body.    Land reform :   the government's programme and how it is taking shape in the Northern Cape /    [Petoria] :   Department of Land Affairs,   1995.


Malawi – Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Malawi in brief.    Lilongwe, Malawi :   Malawi Investment and Trade Centre,   2013.

G 6897 E.TRAD.13.MALA

Mauritania –- Population -– Statistics

Population des wilayas, moughataa et communes /    Nouakchott :   Office National de la Statistique,   2013.

G 661 A.POPU.13.POPU

Mineral industries -- Waste disposal -- Zambia -- Management -- Auditing

Report of the Auditor General on the management of environmental degradation caused by mining activities in Zambia.    [Zambia] :   [Auditor General],   July 2014.

G 6894 E.AUDI.14.REPO

National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (Namibia)

National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (Namibia), issuing body.    Second medium term strategic plan for tuberculosis and leprosy (2010-2015) /    Windhoek, Namibia :   Ministry of Health and Social Services, Directorate: Special Programmes,   [2010].

G 688 E.HEAL.10.SECO

Ombudspersons -- Kenya

Kenya. Commission on Administrative Justice, author.    County visits report on awareness creation 2012-2013 /    Westlands, Nairobi :   The Commission on Administrative Justice,   [2013]

G 6762 E.HUMA.13.COUN

Poor – Kenya

Samoei, Paul K., author.    Spatial dimensions of well-being in Kenya :   where are the poor? : from counties to wards /    Nairobi :   Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS),   [2015]

GO 6762 A.POVE.15.SPAT

Regional planning – Economic aspects -- Senegal

Senegal. Ministère de l'économie, des finances et du plan (2014- ), issuing body.    Plan Senegal emergent, 2014 /    [Dakar, Senegal] :   République du Sénégal, [Ministère de l'économie, des finances et du plan],   [2015]

G 663 E.ECON.14.PLAN

Sanitation – Africa – Congresses

African Union. Assembly Ordinary Session (24th : 2015 :    The Kigali Action Plan :   report on the Kigali Plan of Action for implementing the Assembly decision Assembly/AU/Dec. 516 (XXII) in the implementation of Sharm El Sheikh commitments on accelerating water and sanitation goals in Africa, Assembly decision (Assembly/AU/Decl.1 (XI)) of July 2008 /    [Addis Ababa] :   African Union,   [2015]

G 63 E.AU.15.KIGA

Taxation – Law and legislation - Senegal

Senegal, enacting jurisdiction.    Sénégal :   Code général des impôts : suivi des principaux textes de la fiscalité sénégalaise.    Paris :,   2013.


Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council – Planning

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, issuing body.    Strategic plan (2011-2015) /    [Uganda] :   Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council,   2010.

G 6761 E.HEAL.10.STRA

Uganda, Office of the Auditor-General

Uganda. Office of the Auditor-General, issuing body.    Governance guidelines for committees and subcommittees in the Office of the Auditor General /    Kampala, Uganda :   Office of the Auditor General,   2013.

G 6761 E.AUDI.13.GOVE

United Nations Human Settlements Programme

Arimah, B. C., author.    UN-HABITAT global activities report 2013 :   our presence and partnerships /    Nairobi, Kenya :   United Nations Human Settlements Programme,   [2013]

G 494 E.UNHA.13.UNHA

Vocational qualifications – Africa, West

Contribution to the development of national and regional qualifications frameworks (NQFs/RQF) in ECOWAS sub-region :   regional analysis and perspectives /    Dakar, Senegal :   UNESCO Office in Dakar,   December 2013.

G 494 E.UNES.13.CONT

Water - Distribution

Van Zyl, J. E., author.    Introduction to operation and maintenance of water distribution systems /    Gezina [South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   July 2014.

G 68 JWRC TT 600/14

Water harvesting – South Africa

Dobrowsky, P. H., author.    Quality of harvested rainwater and application of point of use treatment systems /    Gezina [South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   2014.

G 68 JWRC TT 603/14

Water harvesting – South Africa - Kleinmond

Mannel, D., author.    Domestic rainwater harvesting :   survey perceptions of users in Kleinmond : report to the Water Research Commission /    Gezina [South Africa] :   Water Research Commission,   2014.

G 68 JWRC TT 604/14

Women -- Namibia –- Statistics

Statistical profile on women & men in Namibia.    [Windhoek] :   Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare,   2010.

G 688 E.GEND.10.STAT

Women – Violence against -- Namibia

National plan of action on gender-based violence, 2012-2016 :   zero tolerance for GBV.    Windhoek :   Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare,   2012.

G 688 E.GEND.12.NATI

Women legislators – Statistics

Inter-parliamentary Union, issuing body.    Women in parliament :   20 years in review.    Geneva :   Inter-Parliamentary Union,   [2015]

G 494 E.IPU.15.WOME


Compendium of concepts and definitions on gender statistics /    Kampala, Uganda :   Uganda Bureau of Statistics,   [2013]

G G 6761 A.GEND.13.COMP

Ya’ltyopa sab’awi mabt komisen/ Human rights – Ethiopia 

YaʼItyop̣yā sabʼawi mabt komišen, issuing body.    Inaugural report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission /    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia :   Ethiopian Human Rights Commission,   February 2011.


Zambia – census, 2010

Zambia 2010 census of population and housing.    Lusaka :   Central Statistical Office,   2014-

G 6894 A.POPU.14.ANAL