New publications, May-July 2018

Subject Shelf no. Citation
Adoption -- Law and legislation -- Madagascar G 691 FL.ADOP.06.ADOP Loi no 2005-014 du 7 septembre 2005 relative à l’adoption à Madagascar. (2006). Antananarivo: Créons Maison d’édition.
Africa -- Statistical services G 494 E.UNEC.17.URBA Urbanization and industrialization for Africa’s transformation : economic report on Africa. (2017). Ethiophia: United Nations Addis Ababa.
Agricultural surveys -- South Africa G 68 A.POPU.16.AGRI Community Survey 2016 : agricultural households. (2016). Pretoria: Statistics South Africa.
Agricultural processing industries -- Zambia G 6894 E.DEVE.15.AGRO Agro processing sector profile. (2015). Lusaka]: Zambia Development Agency.
Agriculture and state -- Africa, Southern G 68 SADC.SECR.15.REGI Regional agricultural policy. (2015). Gaborone, Botswana: SADC Secretariat.
AIDS (Disease) -- Botswana -- Prevention G 6873 E.HEAL.16.BOTS Botswana leads the way : from the brink of disaster towards an HIV-free future. (2016). Gaborone: Ministry of Health.
AIDS (Disease) -- Government policy --Swaziland G 6872 E.PARL.17.SWAZ The Swaziland Parliament HIV and AIDS strategic plan (2017-2020) : towards an AIDS-free Swaziland. (2017). Mbabane]: Kingdom of Swaziland.
AIDS (Disease) -- South Africa -- KwaZulu-Natal  G PKN E.PREM.12.MULT Multi-sectoral provincial strategic plan for HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB 2012-2016 for KwaZulu-Natal. (2012). Pietermaritzburg: Office of the Premier, Province of KwaZulu-Natal.
AIDS (Disease) -- Botswana G 6873 A.AIDS.14.BOTS Botswana AIDS impact survey IV (BAIS IV), 2013 : summary results. (2014). Gaborone, Botswana: National AIDS Co-ordinating Agency.
Child marriage -- Law and legislation -- Asia  G 494 E.IPU.16.CHIL Child, early and forced marriage legislation in 37 Asia-Pacific countries. (2016). Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Children -- Tanzania G 678 E.COMM.13.MULT Multi sector national plan of action to prevent and respond to violence against children 2013-2016. (2013). Dar es Salaam: United Republic of Tanzania, The Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children.
Children -- South Africa G68 E.HUMA.16.GLOB Global goals for every child : progress and disparities among children in South Africa. (2016). Johannesburg: South African Human Rights Commission.
Civics, Rwandan G 6757 E.NURC.09.ITOR Itorero ry’Igihugu : policy note and strategic plan : making national and community service work in Rwanda. (2009). Kigali: Republic of Rwanda, National Unity and Reconciliation Commission.
Civil service ethics -- South Africa -- KwaZulu-Natal  G PKN E.PREM.15.KWAZ KwaZulu-Natal Citizens’ Charter : affirming our commitment to service excellence, 2015-2020. (2015). Pietermaritzburg]: Province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Civil service -- Seychelles G 696 E.INFO.16.THRE 300 questions on Seychelles government services. (2016). Seychelles]: National Information Services Agency.
Climate change mitigation -- International cooperation  G 494 E.IPU.16.PARL Parliamentary action plan on climate change : scaling up climate action by parliaments and the IPU. (2016). Geneva: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Climatic changes -- Mozambique G 6879 E.ENVI.07.NATI National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA). (2007). Maputo, Mozambique]: Ministry for the Co-ordination of Environmental Affairs.
Climatic changes -- Law and legislation  G 494 E.IPU.17.GLOB Nachmany, M. (2017). Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation (2017 update.). Grantham]: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.
Climatic changes -- Law and legislation G 494 E.IPU.17.GLOB Nachmany, M. (2017). Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation (2017 update.). Grantham]: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.
Commercial law -- Madagascar  G 691 FL.COMM.10.CODE Code de commerce de la République de Madagascar ; Procédures collectives d’apurement du passif. (2010). Antananarivo: Créons Maison d’édition.
Communication in community development -- Tanzania -- Zanzibar G 6781 E.PLAN.14.MKUZ MKUZA II communication strategy, 2014/15-2015/16. (2014). Zanzibar: Zanzibar Planning Commission.
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme G 68 E.NEPA.13.REVI Review of agricultural technical vocational education and training (ATVET) in Africa : best practices from Benin, Ethiopia, Namibia and Sierra Leone. (2013). Midrand, South Africa: NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency.
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme GZDV 68 E.NEPA.14.SUST Sustaining CAADP momentum for results and impact. (2014). Midrand, South Africa: NEPAD.
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme  G 68 E.NEPA.16.PROG The programme of work : operationalising the Malabo Declaration on African Agriculture and CAADP Implementation strategy and roadmap. (2016). Midrand, South Africa: NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency.
Construction workers -- South Africa -- KwaZulu-Natal G PKN E.WORK.15.YOUT Youth and Women in Construction and Property Summit 2015. (2015). Pietermaritzburg]: Department of Public Works.
Criminal law -- Guinea-Bissau G 6657 FL.CRIM.12.COLE Coletânea de legislação judicial e complementar. (2012). Bissau: INACEP.
Decentralization in government -- Mozambique G 6879 E.UNDP.05.DECE Massuanganhe, I. (2014). Decentralization and district development : participatory & multi-sectoral framework for decentralized policies and local development strategies addressed to Millennium Development Goals : consolidated review of case studies, regional experiences, best practices and evidences based on UNCDF & UNDP support in Mozambique. New York]: United Nations Capital Development Fund.
Disarmament -- Africa G 63 E.AU.14.NATI National DDR frameworks : operational guideline. (2014). Addis Ababa: Defense and Security Division DSD of the Peace and Security Department PSD of the African Union Commission AUC.
Dried food industry -- Tanzania G 678 E.TRAD.16.VALU Value chain roadmap for pulses, 2016-2020. (2016). Geneva, Switzerland: International Trade Centre.
Economic development -- Uganda -- 21st century G 6761 E.FINA.15.MILL Millennium development goals report for Uganda 2015 : special theme : results, reflections and the way forward. (2015). Kampala: Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development.
Economic development -- South Africa --Mpumalanga G PMP E.ECON.11.MPUM Mpumalanga economic growth & development path. (2011). Nelspruit]: Mpumalanga Provincial Government.
Economic assistance, Domestic -- South Africa -- Mpumalanga G PMP E.ECON.15.COMP Comprehensive economic development services. (2015). Mbombela [South Africa]: Economic Development & Tourism.
Education -- South Africa G 68 E.HUMA.16.SAHR SAHRC report : National Investigative Hearing into the Impact of Protest-related Action on the Right to a Basic Education in South Africa. (2016). Johannesburg: South African Human Rights Commission.
Education -- Malawi  G 6897 E.EDUC.14.EDUC Education sector implementation plan II (2013/14-2017/18) : towards quality education : empowering the school. (2014). Malawi: Ministry of Education Science and Technology.
Education and state -- Malawi G 6897 E.EDUC.16.NATI National education policy. (2016). Malawi: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
Education, Higher -- South Africa  G 68 E.HUMA.16.SAHR SAHRC report : transformation at public universities in South Africa. (2016). Johannesburg: South African Human Rights Commission.
Education, Primary -- South Africa G 68 E.AUDI.16.EDUC Education sector report for 2015-16. (2016). Pretoria: Auditor-General.
Election law -- Guinea-Bissau G 6657 FL.ELEC.14.LEIE Lei eleitoral. (2014). Bissau]: INACEP
Electronic government information G 494 E.IPU.16.WORL Williamson, A. (2016). World e-parliament report 2016. Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Emergency management -- Mozambique  G 6879 E.ENVI.13.MOZA Abreu, C. (2013). Mozambique : national progress report on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2011-2013). Maputo]: National Institute for Disaster Management.
Emigration and immigration  G 494 J.IPU H24/2015 Migration, human rights and governance. (n.d.). Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Environmental impact analysis -- South Africa -- Keeversfontein G 68 E.TRAN.14.ENVI Environmental impact assessment (EIA) : National Road 3. (2014). Hatfield]: Cave Klapwijk and Associates.
Environmental policy -- Mozambique G 6879 E.ENVI.12.PUBL Public environmental expenditure review : Mozambique, 2005-2010 : final report. (n.d.). Maputo: Ministry for the Coordination of Environment Action, Directorate of Planning and Studies.
Fertility, Human -- Madagascar  G 691 A.HEAL.10.ENQU Enquête démographique et de santé Madagascar, 2008-2009. (2010). Antananarivo, Madagascar: Institut national de la statistique, Ministère de l’économie et de l’industrie.
Greenhouse gases -- Seychelles G 696 E.ENVI.08.NATI Coopoosamy, T. (2008). National greenhouse gas inventories for the year 2000. Seychelles: National Climate Change Committee.
Health surveys -- Rwanda G 6757 A.HEAL.16.RWAN Rwanda demographic and health survey, 2014-15 : final report. (2016). Kigali, Rwanda: National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
HIV infections -- Government policy -- Uganda G 6761 E.HEAL.14.MULT Multi-sectoral HIV programming for MARPS in Uganda : review of profiles, sizes and programme coverage : study review report, 2014. (2014). Kampala, Uganda: Uganda AIDS Commission.
HIV infections -- Government policy -- Uganda G 6761 E.HEAL.14.MULT Multi-sectoral HIV response for MARPS in Uganda : programming framework 2014-2016. (2014). Kampala, Uganda: Uganda AIDS Commission.
Housing policy -- Uganda G 6761 E.HOUS.16.UGAN The Uganda national housing policy. (2016). Kampala: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.
Human rights -- Government policy -- Cameroon GZCD 6711 E.JUST.16.RAPP Rapport sur l’etat des droits de l’homme au Cameroun de 2005 a 2014 ; Plan d’action national de promotion et de protection des droits de l’homme (2015-2019) : compilation des textes. (2016). (Version Anglais/Français.). Cameroon?]: Ministère de la justice?
Humanitarian law G 494 J.IPU H25/2016 Jabre, K. (2016). International humanitarian law. Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Infrastructure (Economics) -- Zambia G 6894 E.DEVE.15.INFR Infrastructure sector profle. Lusaka: Zambia Development Agency, 2015.
Investments -- Zambia  G 6894 E.DEVE.16.ZAMB Zambia’s investor guide. Lusaka: Zambia Development Agency, 2016.
Investments -- Law and legislation -- Zambia G 6894 FL.INVE.17.UNDE Ng’ambi, S. (2017). Understanding investment law in Zambia (First edition.). Cape Town: JUTA Law.
Investments -- Law and legislation -- Zambia G 6894 FL.INVE.17.UNDE Ng’ambi, S. (2017). Understanding investment law in Zambia (First edition.). Cape Town: JUTA Law.
Kenya Ministry of Devolution and Planning -- Officials and employees -- Professional ethics G 6762 E.PLAN.13.CODE Code of conduct. (2013). Nairobi, Kenya: Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
Labor supply -- Mauritania  GZCD 661 E.ECON.13.ENQU Enquêt nationale de référence sur l’emploi et le secteur informel en Mauritanie 2013 (ENRI/SI) : IHSN microdata management toolkit. (2013). Mauritania]: République Islamique de Mauritanie, Ministère des Affaires Economiques et du Développement MAED, Ministère de l’Emploi, de la Formation Professionnelle et des Technologies de l’Information et de la Commuication.
Madagascar -- Social conditions  G 691 A.DEVE.14.ENQU Enquête nationale sur le suivi des objectifs du millénaire pour le développement à Madagascar : 2012-2013 : étude nationale. (2014). Antananarivo, Madagascar: Institut national de la statistique.
Medical laws and legislation -- Senegal  G 663 FL.HEAL.14.DROI Droit médical au Sénégal : les textes, la jurisprudence des cours et tribunaux, les règlements de l’UEMOA : médecine, pharmacie, biologie. (2014). Dakar]: E.D.J.A., Editions juridiques africaines.
Mineral industries -- Zambia G 6894 E.DEVE.15.MINI Mining sector profile. Lusaka: Zambia Development Agency, 2015.
Mining law -- Madagascar G 691 FL.MINE.15.CODE Code minier de Madagascar. (2015). Antananarivo: CRÉONS - Maison d’édition.
Mozambique Ministério da Educação -- Planning G 6879 E.EDUC.12.EDUC Education strategic plan, 2012-2016. (2012). Maputo]: Ministry of Education.
National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda G 6757 E.STAT.12.NATI National quality assurance framework. (2012). Kigali, Rwanda: National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.
National parks and reserves -- Namibia -- Management G 688 E.ENVI.13.MANA Management plan. (2013). Windhoek: Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Directorate of Regional Services and Park Management.
National parks and reserves -- Namibia --Management G 688 E.ENVI.13.MANA Management plan. (2013). Windhoek: Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Directorate of Regional Services and Park Management.
National Resistance Movement (Uganda) -- History G 6761 E.PRES.16.LIBE Liberation Day magazine, 26th January 2016 : 30 years : our amazing journey. (2016). Kampala: Uganda Media Centre.
National Umushyikirano Council G 6757 E.GOVE.16.NATI Shyaka, A. (2016). National Umushyikirano Council : a decade of delivering democracy and development to Rwandans, 2003-2014. Rwanda]: Rwanda Governance Board RGB.
NEPAD Climate Change Fund G 68 E.NEPA.16.RESU Results of the NEPAD Climate Change Fund. (2016). Midrand, South Africa]: NEPAD.
Peace-building -- Africa G 63 E.AU.15.AFRI African peace and security architecture : APSA roadmap, 2016-2020. (2015). (1st edition.). Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: African Union Commission, Peace and Security Department.
Poverty -- Mauritania G 661 A.POVE.09.PROF Profil de la pauvreté, 2008. (2009). Nouakchott, Mauritanie?]: Office National de la Statistique.
Rwanda -- Population -- Environmental aspects G 6757 A.HOUS.16.INTE Integrated household living conditions survey. Thematic report - environment and natural resources. (2016). Kigali, Rwanda: The Republic of Rwanda, NISR, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.
Rwanda Office of Ombudsman G 6757 E.OMBU.11.STRE Gatera, A. (2011). Strengthening good governance in Rwanda : the experience of the Office of the Ombudsman. Kigali: Office of the Ombudsman.
Sex discrimination against women -- Law and legislation -- Gambia  G 6651 E.WOME.16.THIR Third periodic report of the Gambia on the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa, 2012-2015. (2016). Banjul]: Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
Sex discrimination against women -- Zimbabwe G 6891 A.GEND.16.UNDE Understanding gender equality in Zimbabwe : women and men report 2016. (2016). Harare: Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency.
Seychelles -- Population G 696 A.POPU.12.SEYC Seychelles population and housing census atlas, 2010. (2012). Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles: National Bureau of Statistics.
South Africa Commission on Gender Equality -- Planning G 68 E.GEND.17.TWEN 20 years of gender on the agenda : reviewing the work and contribution of the Commission for Gender Equality in South Africa (1996-2016) : 20-year review report. (2017). Braamfontein, South Africa: Commission for Gender Equality.
South Africa Labour Relations Act, 1995 G 68 FL.LABO.95 Labour Relations Act : 66 of 1995 : updated 2008 : including the CCMA rules. (2008). (12th ed.). Wetton, South Africa]: Juta Law in association with Workplace Soutions.
South Africa Labour Relations Act, 1995 G 68 FL.LABO.95 Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 & CCMA related material. (2017). (Twenty-eighth edition.). Claremont, Cape Town: Juta Law.
Southern African Development Community G 68 SADC.SECR.14.THIR 34th SADC Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government : 17-18 August 2014 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe : SADC strategy for economic transformation : leveraging the region’s diverse resources for sustainable economic and social development through beneficiation and value addition. (2014). Gaborone: SADC Secretariat.
Southern African Development Community G 68 SADC.SECR.15.FOOD Food and nutrition security strategy, 2015-2025. (2015). Gaborone, Botswana: SADC Secretariat.
Southern African Development Community G 68 SADC.SECR.16.REGI Regional strategic action plan on integrated water resources development and management, phase IV. (2016). Gaborone: Southern African Development Community SADC Secretariat.
Speeches, addresses, etc., English -- Swaziland G 6872 E.PARL.17.SPEE Mswati III. (2017). Speech from the throne by His Majesty King Mswati III at the state opening of the 4th session of the 10th Parliament of the Kingdom of Eswatini. Swaziland]: King’s Office.
Sustainable development -- Research -- Tanzania -- Zanzibar G 6781 E.PRES.15.ZANZ Zanzibar research agenda 2015-2020. (2015). Zanzibar: The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.
Sustainable development -- Government policy  G 494 E.IPU.16.PARL Rodriguez, C. (2016). Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals : a self-assessment toolkit. Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Swaziland Parliament -- Planning G 6872 E.PARL.15.PARL Parliament of the Kingdom of Swaziland : strategic plan, 2015-2018. (2015). Mbabane]: Kingdom of Swaziland.
TASAF (Organization) G 678 E.PRES.16.TASA TASAF III : vulnerable groups planning framework. (2016). Dar es Salaam: President’s Office State House, TASAF Management Unit.
Taxation -- Law and legislation -- Congo(Brazzaville)  G 6724 FL.TAXA.17.CONG Congo : Code Général des Impôts. (2017). (Édition 2017.). Paris: Droit-Afrique.
Teenagers -- Medical care -- Zambia  G 6894 E.COMM.11.NATI National guidelines and standards for adolescent friendly health services. (2011). Lusaka: Republic of Zambia, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.
Tourism -- Zambia G 6894 E.DEVE.15.TOUR Tourism sector profile. (2015). Lusaka]: Zambia Development Agency.
Uganda Population Secretariat -- Planning G 6761 E.ECON.07.STRA Strategic plan, 2006-2015. (2007). Kampala: Population Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.
Uganda -- Politics and government -- 1979- G 6761 E.PRES.17.HERO Heroes Day, 9th June 2017. (2017). Kampala: Uganda Media Centre.
Women -- Mauritania -- Social conditions G 661 A.MICS.14.SUIV Suivi de la situation des femmes et des enfants : enquête par grappes à indicateurs multiples 2011 : rapport final MICS4-2011. Mauritania: Office national de la statistique, 2014.
Women -- Political activity G 494 E.IPU.16.EVAL Palmieri, S. (2016). Evaluating the gender sensitivity of parliaments : a self-assessment toolkit. Geneva, Switzerland: Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Women in agriculture -- Africa  GZDV 68 E.NEPA.15.CALL Call to action for women in agribusiness. (2015). Midrand, South Africa: NEPAD.
Young adults -- Political activity  494 E.IPU.16.YOUT Krook, M. (2016). Youth participation in national parliaments, 2016. Geneva: Inter-Parliamentary Union.