New publications, August-September 2018

Subject Shelf no. Citation
Africa -- Statistical services  G 494 E.UNEC.17.URBA Urbanization and industrialization for Africa’s transformation : economic report on Africa. (2017). Ethiophia: United Nations Addis Ababa.
Agricultural conservation -- South Africa -- Western Cape G PWC E.AGRI.15.CONS Conservation agriculture : promoting climate smart intensification of winter grain production while improving soil health in the Western Cape . (2015). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Basic education -- Ghana -- Finance G 667 E.EDUC.12.SUST Sustainable financing of pre-tertiary education : building Ghana’s future. (2012). Accra: National Council for Tertiary Education.
Biomass -- Uganda G 6761 E.ENER.13.BIOM Biomass energy strategy (BEST) Uganda . (2013). Kampala, Uganda: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
Botswana Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs -- Planning G 6873 E.TRAD.13.DEPA Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs . (2013). Gaborone: Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs.
Botswana Police Service G 6873 E.POLI.14.SOCI Social media policy . (2014). Gaborone, Botswana: Botswana Police Service, Public Relations Unit.
China -- Foreign economic relations -- Africa G 611 E.ADBG.11.CHIN Schiere, R., Ndikumana, L., & Walkenhorst, P. (2011). China and Africa : an emerging partnership for development? . Tunis: African Development Bank Group.
Citizenship -- Senegal G 663 FL.CITI.15.CODE Code de la nationalité sénégalaise annote . (2015). (Édition nouvelle.). Dakar]: Éditions juridiques africaines, E.D.J.A.
Civil procedure -- Madagascar G 691 FL.CIVI.13.CODE Code de procédure civile de la République de Madagascar. (2013). Antananarivo, Madagascar: CRÉONS - Maison d’édition.
Civil procedure -- Uganda G 6761 FL.CIVI.16.REPR Reprint of laws relating to civil proceedings : [as at 31st of May 2016] . (2016). Kampala: Uganda Law Reform Commission.
Civil society -- Uganda G 6761 A.CIVI.14.CIVI Civil society sector strategic plan for statistics : 2013/14-2017/18 . (2014). Kampala: Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations.
Cost and standard of living -- Tanzania -- Zanzibar G 6781 A.HOUS.16.HOUS Household budget survey, 2014/15 . (2016). Zanzibar: Office of the Chief of Government Statistician, Zanzibar.
Courts -- Cameroon  G 6711 FL.JUDI.14.CODE Gatsi, J., & Ngoué, W. (2014). Code de l’organisation judiciaire(Sixième èdition 2014.). Douala, Cameroun: Presses Universitaires Libres.
Crops and climate -- South Africa -- Western Cape G PWC E.AGRI.15.FRUI Fruitlook : a state-of-the-art information technology that helps deciduous fruit and grape farmers to be water efficient and climate smart  . (2015). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Debts, Public -- Senegal -- Management G 663 E.ECON.17.STRA Strategie de gestion de la dette a moyen terme (2018-2020) . (2017). Dakar?]: Comite national de dette publique CNDP.
Development Bank of Southern Africa -- Planning G 68 E.DBSA.17.CORP Development Bank of Southern Africa : corporate plan, 2017/18 . (2017). Midrand, South Africa]: Development Bank of Southern Africa.
East African Community G 678 E.EAC.15.EACG EAC guide for investors, 2015. (2015). Arusha, Tanzania: East African Community.
Economic development -- Africa, East G 678 E.EAC.16.EAST East African Community : vision 2050. (2016). Arusha, Tanzania: East African Community Secretariat.
Education -- Standards -- Kenya G 6762 E.EDUC.08.FINA Final report on the Kenya Education Management Capacity Assessment (KEMACA) . (2008). Kenya]: Ministry of Education.
Election law -- Benin G 6683 FL.ELEC.12.RECU Recueil des lois electorales au Bénin de 1990 à 2011. (2012). (Édition 2012.). Cotonou]: SAP-CENA.
Election monitoring -- Zambia  G 6894 FL.ELEC.16.ELEC Electoral Code of Conduct . (2016). Lusaka?]: Electoral Commission of Zambia.
Environmental impact analysis -- South Africa -- Keeversfontein G 68 E.TRAN.14.ENVI Environmental impact assessment (EIA) : National Road 3 . (2014). Hatfield]: Cave Klapwijk and Associates.
Equality -- South Africa  G 68 E.PLAN.18.OVER Hurlbut, W. (2018). Overcoming poverty and inequality in South Africa : an assessment of drivers, constraints and opportunities . Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.
Ethiopia -- Economic policy G 63 E.PLAN.16.GROW Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) : (2015/16-2019/20) . (2016). Addis Ababa: National Planning Commission.
Family planning -- Uganda  G 6761 E.HEAL.14.REPO Makumbi, F., Achola, R., Wanyana, J., & Solome, N. (2014). Report of the Uganda National Conference on Family Planning : theme : accelerating social and economic transformation through universal access to voluntary family planning . Kampala]: Ministry of Health.
Farms, Small -- South Africa -- Western Cape G PWC E.AGRI.15.SMAL Smallholder farming : increasing climate change awareness and proficiency among smallholder farming communities . (2008). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Financial crises -- Africa -- Prevention G 611 E.ADBG.09.PREV Preventing a credit crunch in Africa : the role of financial regulation . (2009). Tunis: African Development Bank.
Forestry law and legislation -- Senegal G 663 FL.FORE.15.CODE Code forestier du Sénégal : loi et décret d’application. (2015). Dakar]: Éditions Juridiques africaines, E.D.J.A.
Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 G 611 E.ADBG.09.TRAD Trade investment and domestic resource mobilization . (2009). Tunis: African Development Bank.
Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 G 611 E.ADBG.09.AFRI Africa’s voice, representation and effective participation . (2009). Tunis: African Development Bank.
Hazard mitigation -- South Africa -- Western Cape G PWC E.AGRI.15.DISA Disaster risk reduction & management : the need for joint systematic planning and proactive reduction of extreme weather risks . (2015). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Human rights -- Uganda  G 6761 E.HUMA.12.STRA Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) : 2012/13-2016/17 . (2012). Kampala: Uganda Human Rights Commission.
Investments, Foreign -- Botswana G 6873 E.TRAD.16.DOIN Doing business in Botswana . (2016). Gaborone, Botswana: Botswana Investment and Trade Centre.
Investments, Foreign -- Cameroon G 6711 E.ECON.15.GUID A guide for investors . (2015). Yaounde: Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Regional Development.
Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission G 6662 E.TRUT.09.HOUS A house with two rooms : final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia Diaspora Project . (2009). Saint Paul, Minn.: DRI Press.
Magalies Water (Firm) -- Planning G 68 E.WATE.16.CORP Corporate plan, 2016/17 to 2020/21 . (2016). Rustenburg]: Magalies Water.
Malaria -- Uganda -- Prevention  G 6761 E.HEAL.14.MONI Monitoring and evaluation plan for Uganda malaria reduction : strategic plan, 2014-2020 . (2014). Kampala, Uganda: Ministry of Health.
Medical care -- Ghana G 667 E.HEAL.12.REFE Referral policy & guidelines. (2012). Ghana ]: Ministry of Health.
Medical care, Cost of -- Africa  G 611 E.ADBG.08.HEAL Anyanwu, J., & Erhijakpor, A. (2008). Health expenditures and health outcomes in Africa . Tunis: African Development Bank, Development Research Department.
Mothers -- Mortality -- Botswana G 6873 E.HEAL.13.BOTS Botswana : MDG acceleration compact : improving maternal health . (2013). Gaborone: Ministry of Health.
Municipal government -- Uganda  G 6761 E.LOCA.13.NATI National local government capacity building policy ((NLGCBP) . (2013). Kampala: Ministry of Local Government.
National Council for Tertiary Education(Ghana) G 667 E.EDUC.10.STRA Strategic plan, 2010-2014 . (2010). Ghana?]: National Council for Tertiary Education.
Northern Province (Uganda) -- Economic conditions  G 6761 E.UNDP.15.UGAN Uganda human development report 2015 : unlocking the development potential of northern Uganda . (2015). Kampala: United Nations Development Programme.
Police -- South Africa G 68 E.POLI.16.TWOT 2016 white paper on policing . (2016). Pretoria, South Africa]: Civilian Secretariat for Police.
Public administration -- Botswana G 6873 E.OMBU.16.GUID Lepodise, O., & Selei, R. (2016). A guide to best administrative practices . Gaborone, Botswana: Office of the Ombudsman.
Public administration -- Senegal -- History -- 21st century G 663 E.JUST.15.REFO Seck, O. (2015). La réforme des institutions au Senegal . Dakar: Editions Libraire Juridique Africaine.
Renewable energy sources -- South Africa -- Western Cape G PWC E.AGRI.15.RENE Renewable energy : renewable energy and energy efficiency paving the way to a low-carbon, energy secure future  . (2015). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Reproductive health services -- Africa, West G 494 E.UNFP.16.IMPR Azandegbe, N. (2016). Improving integrated sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights to build resilience in health systems in West and Central Africa . Dakar, Senegal: UNFPA.
Rwanda -- Population G 6757 A.POPU.14.FOUR Fourth population and housing census, Rwanda 2012. Census atlas. (2014). Kigali, Rwanda: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.
School enrollment -- Africa  G 611 E.ADBG.08.EDUC Anyanwu, J., & Erhijakpor, A. (2008). Education expenditures and school enrolment in Africa : illustrations from Nigeria and other SANE countries . Tunis: African Development Bank, Development Research Department.
Sexual behavior surveys -- Malawi G 6897 E.HEAL14.MALA Malawi biological and behavioural surveillance survey : 2013 report . (n.d.). Lilongwe, Malawi: National AIDS Commission.
Sexual minorities -- South Africa G 68 E.JUST.14.NATI National intervention strategy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) sector. (2014). Pretoria: Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.
Sexual minorities -- South Africa  G 68 E.JUST.14.TERM Terms of reference for National Task Team on Gender and Sexual Orientation-Based Violence Perpetrated Against LGBTI Persons. (2014). Pretoria: Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.
Small business -- Morocco G 611 E.ADBG.13.CATA Catalyzing job creation and growth through MSME development in the Deauville Partnership countries . (n.d.). Tunis]: African Development Bank Group.
Small Enterprise Finance Agency -- Planning  G 68 E.INDU.17.CORP Corporate plan : financial year 2017/18 . (2017). Centurion, South Africa]: Small Enterprise Finance Agency.
Small business -- Botswana G 6873 E.BIDP.07.PERF Sentsho, J. (2007). Performance and competitiveness of small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises in Botswana . Gaborone, Botswana: BIDPA.
Social security -- Law and legislation -- Senegal  G 663 FL.SOCI.15.CODE Ndoye, D. (2015). Code de la sécurité sociale du Sénégal annoté(Nouvelle édition.). Dakar]: Éditions juridiques africaines, E.D.J.A.
South Africa Employment Tax Incentive Act, 2013 G 68 FL.LABO.17.EMPL Employment Tax Incentive Act, 26 of 2013 ; Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998 ; Skills Development Levies Act, 9 of 1999 & regulations . (2017). (Fifth edition.). Claremont, Cape Town: Juta Law.
South Africa Civilian Secretariat for Police Service -- Planning G 68 E.POLI.15.STRA Strategic plan, 2015-2020 . (2015). Pretoria, South Africa]: Civilian Secretariat for Police.
Southern African Development Community G 68 SADC.SECR.13.HAND Handbook of services provided by SADC Supranational Reference Laboratories & Regional Centres of Excellence. (2013). Gaborone, Botswana: SADC Secretariat, Communicable Diseases Project.
Southern African Development Community G 68 SADC.SECR.14.CONS Consolidated text of the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community . (2014). Gaborone, Botswana: Southern African Development Community.
Statistics -- Standards -- Rwanda G 6757 A.STAT.14.RWAN Rwanda metadata handbook . (2014). Kigali, Rwanda: National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.
Taxation -- Law and legislation -- Mauritania G 661 FL.TAXA.16.CODE Code général des impôts : suivi des textes fiscaux non codifiés . (2016). (Édition 2016.). Paris: Droit-Afrique.
Teachers colleges -- Employees -- Job descriptions -- Ghana G 667 E.EDUC.15.HARM Harmonised scheme of service : for staff of colleges of education. (2015). Accra, Ghana: National Council for Tertiary Education.
Uganda -- Economic policy  G 6761 E.PLAN.15.SECT Sector development planning guidelines. (2015). Kampala: Republic of Uganda, National Planning Authority.
Uganda -- Population  G 6761 E.UN.15.GOVE Government of Uganda/United Nations Joint Programme on Population : final evaluation report, August 2015 . (2015). Kampala, Uganda]: United Nations Uganda.
Uganda Electricity Regulatory Authority -- Management G 6761 E.ENER.14.THRE Three year business plan, 2014/15-2016/17 . (n.d.). Kampala: Electricity Regulatory Authority.
Urban agriculture -- South Africa -- Western Cape  G PWC E.AGRI.15.PERI (Peri-) urban agriculture : the role (peri-) urban agriculture for resilient local food systems under climate change . (2015). Cape Town, South Africa]: Western Cape Government.
Water-supply -- Uganda G 6761 E.WATE.13.WATE Water supply design manual . (n.d.). (Second edition.). Kampala, Uganda: Ministry of Water and Environment.
Youth -- Government policy -- Africa, West G 494 E.UNFP.16.INVE Philipose, A. (2016). Investing in adolescents and youth to realize the demographic dividend in West and Central Africa . Dakar, Senegal: UNFPA.