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Main Library Materials

Locating materials in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library


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The books in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library follow a continuous sequence of shelf numbers from 000 to 999, however owing to spacial constraints, the sequence is split physically as follows:

Books: 000 - 359 ...Upper level terrace starting next to the Park 'n Read

Books: 360 - 699 ... Upper level Undergraduate Wing

Books: 700 - 999 ... Lower level (down the spiral stairs)

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New Books:

The New Books display is located on the upper level of the Research Wing between the Upper Terrace and the stairs leading down to the main level. The display is changed every Tuesday, and the books on display may be taken out on loan

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The Reference Collection:

Housed in low shelving along the length of the Main level (on your left as you enter the Library) and continuing on the other side of the Information Desks, near Interlibrary Loans.

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Oversized reference books:

Shelved at the end of the main Reference Collection with the atlases.

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More than two thirds of the Libraries' journals are electronic and can be accessed via Primo.


Current Journals:

The latest volumes of the COL print journal subscriptions are displayed in low shelving on the Upper Level of the Research Wing. These journals may not be borrowed, but there is comfortable seating along the windows for readers, and a photocopy kiosk nearby.


Older print journals:

The print journals dating from 1965 follow a continuous sequence of shelf numbers from 000 to 999, however owing to spacial constraints, the sequence is split physically as follows:

Journals: 001.305 SOU - 378.005 JOU ...Lower level (down the spiral stairs)

Journals: 378.005 JOU - 657.05 JOU ... Lower level side rooms

Journals: 657.05 JOU - 960.05 JOU ...Basement Blocks E and F

Pre-1965 journals: are housed in the Libraries' store on Middle Campus and must be requested at the Loans Desk.

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Current newspapers are kept in Special Collections. All newspapers can be accessed electronically through PressReader.

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UCT thesis collections:

UCT Theses are available electronically on OpenUCT.

The BUT Collection: This is the archival collection, which is not available for loan. It is kept in the Libraries' store on Middle Campus. If you need to use an archival thesis, place a request for it at the Loans Desk and the thesis will be retrieved and brought to the Library for you. Please ensure that the UT copy of the thesis (which may be borrowed) is not available before you request an archival thesis.

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Please ask at the nearest service desk if you need assistance with finding books or journals.