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About South African Government Publications

Useful guides:

University of KwaZulu-Natal Library. South African Government Publications: an introduction.

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. Glossary

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. How a Law is Made

Parliamentary Monitoring Group. Legislative Process & Government Links

The Constitution: Supreme law of the country.

Acts: Laws.

Agreements, treaties, international conventions and protocols: Bilateral, multilateral and international agreements that South Africa has signed.

Announcements, tablings and committee reports: Preliminary records of Parliament.

Annual reports: Annual reports on the activities and finance of government departments, agencies, institutions, state-owned enterprises and public entities.

Auditor-General reports: Reports by the Auditor-General South Africa on the accounts of government.

Bills: Draft acts.

Budget documents: Appropriation Bill, Budget speech, Budget review, Estimates of revenue and expenditure.

Commission of Inquiry reports: Reports of commissions appointed by the Head of State to investigate an issue or incident.

Committee of Inquiry reports: Reports of committees appointed by government departments to investigate an issue or incident.

Consultants’ reports: Reports of consultants appointed by government to research or investigate issues.

Debates: Verbatim reports of the proceedings of Parliament. Also known as Hansard after the 19th C British publisher.

Discussion document: Draft policy for public comment.

Explanatory memoranda: Background documents to Bills.

Government gazette: Official legal mouthpiece of the government; it includes draft bills, acts, regulations, government notices, board notices, legal notices, general notices and policy documents. Sabinet. What Type of Information Gets Published in the Government Gazette?

Green paper: Draft policy document for consultation.

Guideline documents

Hansard = Debates – the verbatim reports of the proceedings of Parliament, so-called after the 19th C British publisher.

Information documents

Journals and newsletters

Legislation: Bills, acts, regulations.

Parliamentary committee reports: Reports on bills and issues by the Portfolio Committees of the National Assembly and the Select Committees of the National Council of Provinces. Made up of Members of Parliament. Currently published in the Announcements, tablings and committee reports.

Planning documents, e.g., National development plans, Structure plans, etc.

Policy documents: Documents setting out government policy on government areas of responsibility, e.g., health, education, social welfare, environment, etc. Many are called White papers.

Regulations: Secondary legislation published in the Government gazette.

Research reports

Speeches and media releases

Statistical publications

Task Teams/Working Groups reports: Reports of task teams and working groups set up by government departments to investigate issues and incidents.

White papers: Final policy documents.